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Review from Anna S. 

There is no other agent in Sonoma County that is more knowledgable about the real estate business than Tara. She is super professional, and will not stop performing until her customer is happy. She will be there for the entire process. She has helped us through some difficult escrows, and we will  never use anyone else

Review from Mary S.

Tara just helped us sell our B & B in Sonoma County - not an easy task.  During our particularly long and difficult escrow, she remained consistently professional and upbeat.  Her sense of humor carried us through the more stressful moments of the transaction.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to sell or buy real estate in our area.

Review from Sharon G. 

We were not looking forward to hiring a realtor to sell our house having had bad experiences in the past. I am happy to say that Tara Polley exceeded our expectations. She is not only experienced and extremely knowledgeable but she works extremely hard for you. She also is the nicest person very  caring and sweet. She WON'T give up on you! She not only sold our house but we made a new friend in the process.

Review from Sue S.

We are beyond thrilled that we were able to work with Tara Polley to sell our home. She is smart, savvy, and unflappable. She allowed us to participate in areas in which we had expertise; and she was very clear in guiding us and redirecting when we needed it. She knows the market, she's a clear communicator and when she said she was able to reach a wider buying audience, she meant it. We were beyond thrilled with the results (sold it in one week, over asking). If I ever buy or sell another property in the area, I will turn to Tara. I can't imagine a better outcome--or a better agent!

Review from Keri W.

We were extremely fortunate to be referred to Tara Polley via our former beloved agent, and Tara easily and quickly filled the very large shoes left for her by our previous fantastic experience with a real estate professional. We were a bit concerned at first that we didn't quite meet the criteria for her usual or preferred clients, as we were selling and buying at more of the lower end of the market, but we soon learned that Tara's priority is offering warm, enthusiastic, comprehensively professional support for absolutely all of her clients, regardless of status. The knowledge, experience, and contacts within the industry that Tara brings to the table were invaluable in helping us navigate selling a home for the first time, as well as the tricky contingency dance of buying a new home at the same time. We especially appreciated her timely responses to any and all forms of communication, the time she took to thoroughly explain each and every stage of the process, and the fact that she was ready and willing to share with us her vast store of knowledge on the industry itself, as well as the current state of our local market, in order to help us better understand all the various aspects affecting that process. We met and worked with Tara in what was really a crazy, stressful time for our family for several reasons aside from the process of selling and buying, and the patience, compassion, support, and care she so genuinely offered us was more than we could have ever asked for in an agent. We have all grown incredibly fond of her over our time working together and truly feel we have gained not just a competent, trusted agent to refer friends and family to and work with in the future, but a good friend as well. We literally cannot recommend Tara Polley highly enough and hope you enjoy working with her as much as we have!

Review from Leslie R.

Tara recently helped us with the sale of our home.  This was a first-time experience for us, and we were a bit overwhelmed with the process, until Tara stepped in and handled everything.  She was accessible, personable, professional and managed to sell our house in a very quick timeframe (one week!).  She is extremely thorough in marketing her listings, and we received a very large interest in our home.  We sold our home for above listing price and wrapped things up very easily.  Couldn't ask for a smoother, better sale.

Review from Cassandra L.

I hired Tara to help me with the short sale of my condo. She knew all the steps in the process and could help me watch out for my credit all along the way. Thanks to Tara's strategy, marketing, and the improving market, my condo went from being a short sale to having 17 offers in 7 days. 3 of those offers were above the break even point, making the sale a regular home sale. Her quick reworking of the numbers, in consultation with me, meant I had a cash offer $50,000 above our list price. Even after the reality of not having to short sell my condo, she kept me aware of my credit score and my rights as a home owner. Tara was communicative, clear, knowledgeable, and ethical through the whole process. She always answered my questions quickly and clearly. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Review from Jennie B.

Wow, is all I have to say. Ms. Polley is an amazing agent. She is friendly, warm, knowledgeable, realistic, and an amazing go getter. She was the sole reason I didn't pull my hair out while going through a short sale. Ms. Polley is aggressive with her marketing, determined to get her clients the best offer and does it all with a level head. I am in ahh and so thankful for the opportunity to work with such a talented woman. I would recommend her services to anyone. If I'm in the market again for a home, I'll be calling Tara Polley.

Review from Shaylin S.

I believe in passing on a good thing when you find it and Tara definitely qualifies as a "good thing". I've never written a review, but this one deserves sharing! I've just completed a Short Sale on my home and couldn't be happier with the ease, flow, and speed of how the whole process turned out. For a this type of process, that says a mouthful. I had 4 loans on my home and Tara attacked them in such a way that you would never know what a tricky "case" mine was. I had originally worked with another agent, who seemed to know his stuff and told me how unique and difficult my sale was going to be, but that he would go to bat for me. After months of getting nowhere and a failed attempt with a buyer, I found Tara. She was a breath of fresh air. Not only did everything start moving quickly in the right direction, but she made sense of everything and answered all the questions I'd been having, as many times as I needed to ask. Furthermore, she knew about programs to help me out that I never knew existed and provided links and information to get me headed in the right direction. Thank you Tara, for going above and beyond in every aspect. You are truly the best!

Review from Sean K. 

Hello everyone, I am writing on behalf of Tara Polley, she helped me from wasting my money on one of those modification companies. She spoke with me on her own time, and explained to me how to do it myself, I did everything she said and now I'm approved for a modification on my house. She knows what she's talking about, I advise if you need any help... She's the one to go to. I am now enjoying my new monthly payment on my home!

Review from Holly C.

Tara Polley has been my go-to person when it comes to anything regarding real estate. She has been in the business for a good while so her experience, care and expertise of the market, loans and processes have helped my clients incredibly. She is easy to get a hold of and fun to work with. I am so wonderfully delighted with all she has done for me and my clientele.

Review from Tina S.

If you are looking for someone who will do what it takes to get the job done, then call Tara! She will listen, ask questions and in the end you will be pleased with the results. I highly recommend her for all your real estate needs, selling, buying, or anything else you may need.


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